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Covid-19 cleaning and safety

We follow all local and industry guidelines for COVID-19 safety

We know it's been a tough year and we want you to be able to fully relax when you are here! We follow all Chaffee County guidelines as well as the hospitality guidelines suggested by the American Hotel and Lodging Association in regards to COVID-19 safety.

In addition to those
guidelines, we also sanitize keys and pens between guests. 

The bed & breakfast tighter quarters from the chalets, so here are some specifics to be aware of:

- We create a 6ft distance between every guest during breakfasts. If you are a high risk (or just extra careful!) individual you may request to dine in a separate room from other guests, we just ask that you give us a call a few days before so we can make sure we have that table available to you each morning. 

- We sanitize things like hot sauce and salt and pepper between each breakfast and every group has their own set of condiments. 

- We sanitize our coffee bar between each breakfast and leave Lysol wipes on the bar so that you may sanitize again before touching any items in the bar. 

Even without COVID-19 we follow many of these same guidelines. We have a full-time professional housekeeper who thoroughly cleans both the bed and breakfast rooms and the chalets between each guest.